29 Jul

The 2015 Village Olympics

The 2015 Village Olympics will be held at the Ashcombe Village Club’s field on Sunday 30th August 2015. Only a few minutes walk from the cottages: http://www.ashcombe-villageclub.co.uk

This year will see villagers and visitors fighting it out for the medals, with children’s and pensioner’s races too. Always great fun for all those taking part and watching. Cottage visitors are very welcome to come along and compete!

Last year was a classic showdown between the villages of Ashcombe, Ideford and Holcombe:

This year the events will be more individual giving the Usain Bolt in the family the chance to shine! The Olympics will kick off at around 1pm and the event will continue into the evening with drinks at the Ashcombe Village Club which raises over £10,000 for charity each year. The club is run by the villagers as a not-for-profit club.

Village Olympics 2014 17

Village Olympics 2014 23

Village Olympics 2014 55

The Teams