12 Apr

The Woodhouse Farm Makeover

The Woodhouse Farm Makeover has been underway with the tarmac guys completing the new approach today.  Looking very smart it is too.

We’ve already been in the playground installing the new slides and tidying up the outdoor playhouses.  Next up will be building new wooden decks in front of all the cottages, and restoration works on the courtyard paths and fountain. We’ll also be building a communal barbecue for the occasional fun evening in the main courtyard.


Slides about to be installed in March 2016

We already created the new over-flow carpark (cars have grown a lot in 20 years) and have installed a lot of new lights and security systems around the area. The 50KW solar array continues to supply electricity for the buildings, and very soon our 30mb/s broadband mast will be operational – meaning fast broadband for all the properties.  Of course you don’t need that…. you’ll be out exploring Devon, or in the swimming pool!

All progress will be monitored right here on our news blog, so check back for progress reports.