Food & Drink

All the main supermarkets will deliver your groceries directly to your cottage. Just give them the full cottage address at get your food & drink delivered to save you the trouble.

If you want to eat in or eat out there are several options open to you:

Book a Chef
Try our Chef Service. Our holiday cottages might be self-catering, but that doesn’t mean you have to actually do the cooking! Opt for our chef to cook you a perfect dinner party in the comfort of your own Devon holiday cottage. Enjoy a special celebration meal without the work. Read more

Local Restaurants
With the fish capital of Britain down the road at Brixham and farming as far as the eye can see, the local produce that Devon is famous for can be best sampled in our great range of local restaurants which range from simple fare to two Michelin Stars Read more

Great Pubs
Devon is home to some wonderful pubs who have extensive menus and local ales. Our most local pub is The Elizabethan Inn only 2 miles away. Great food and it is what you would expect to see at a traditional Devon Pub: roaring fires in winter and a beer garden in the summer. There are sveral other great pubs in the area Read more

Ashcombe Cider

Ashcombe Cider

Ashcombe Estate Orchards Devon Cider was originally produced during the 19th and 20th centuries but had fallen out of production from the late 1970s.  In 2012 we decided to stop leaving the fallen cider apples for the cows eat and restarted production of Ashcombe Cider. The results have be fantastic with the cider winning Tastes of the West awards in the three years it has been entered including a Gold award in 2015.  The only ones not enjoying this are the cows… who are a bit sad to have lost their free party.

The slightly sparkling bottled Whites Original Ashcombe cider is available at Ashcombe Village Club, Darts Farm as well as a number of other outlets in Devon. We have also agreed to supply a major West Country Brewer with our draft cider – Gratton’s Gold so look out for that one at festivals and events.

As you might have guessed The Cider Barn was where the cider used to be made, and it was produced by the White family who farmed Wood Farm.  From the 1950’s the cider was produced by Peter Gratton at nearby Court Farm.